Nobody's Cowboy (The Big Sky Mavericks Series #2) by Debra Salonen

I was given Nobody's Cowboy by Net Galley for an honest review.

Serena moved to Montana, with her beloved animals, to get away from a cyber stalker. She has a new start, a new job and her wonderful animals that all she needs, at least that is what she thought until she met Austen Zabrinski. He has his own troubles but they are easy to forget when he is with Serena and her animals.

I was rather excited to read Nobody's Cowboy, I mean the cover made the book seem like it was worth the time and the blurb sold me on wanting to get Nobody's Cowboy. So imagine my surprise when I open the book only to be disappointed. I lost count on the number of editing errors, which makes me wonder at whether the author and publisher even took pride in this book. There were several sentences with missing words, sentences with words out of place or extra un-needed words. And of course my personal favorite the wrong word used for example 'more' instead of 'most' or 'once' instead of 'one'. I mean really how hard is it to get a book edited? Editing would improve any rating and of course increase sales. I know I don't like writing these bad reviews, so work with me here, please, there were so many edit........